What if you had a scientific process that would get impactful results in your life?  I am going to give you the actions you can do to change the things in your life that aren’t serving you anymore. In science there are experiments, this process has room for these experiences to become experiments until you get the results that you desire. You will change the pathways in your brain by implementing the process.  My IMPACT Formula already had Intention as the I in IMPACT, and after more reading and research this process came through.  Let’s get started.  Keep in mind that change takes time. Even 30 days or more.  Stay focused and in Action.

  1. Intention: Make a responsible choice in your intention. Already you are realizing you have a choice. An intention is something that you are intending to do, right?  It isn’t enough just to intend.
  2. Effort: Yes, you must make an effort to implement the intention.  Let’s talk about effort.  If you push to hard, with furrowed brow and tight muscles you are not open to the moment and may miss the change.  Then there is the loosie goosey effort that will not bring results.  Finding the best way that effort works for you is the way to go.
  3. Blocks and Blind Spots: You will come up upon reasons, beliefs, or outside excuses that can stop the best effort, choices and intentions.   So, this is part of the experiment.  Stop, Stopping You!   It is an inner listening process. Some of us have lazy actions, but we are convincing ourselves that we are doing it. That is where coaches and accountability groups can help you with your blind spots.
  4. Balance: Finding choices that are responsible, developing the intention and then planning the effort. Not to hard, not to soft.
  5. Results: Look and listen for the results.
  6. Repeat: If you did not get the results that you intended look at a part of your thinking that may still be sabotaging the outcome.  Repeat the process.

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