Meditation 101:

Meditation works so well because it enhances life skills that we already have.

Meditation practice need not be tied to any belief system.

It is a skill or tool that can help us understand ourselves more fully, to care more deeply about ourselves and others.  It works to free us from habitual reactions that may cause unhappiness, such as harsh self-judgment, and it can help develop wisdom and love.  It can enhance a sense of abundance, depth and connection to life.

Looking at three main concepts that practicing meditation can enhance. They are to help deepen concentration, mindfulness and compassion.

  1. Concentration: Concentration steadies and focuses our attention so that we can let go of unhealthy inner distractions.  Such as the regrets of the past, worries about the future, addictions, and unhealthy thought patterns.  Inner distractions waste our energy; Concentration restores it.        Using concentration is not a tight rigid experience, or a forced practice, think of it as allowing or letting things settle on what is in this moment.


  1. Mindfulness: Mindfulness refines our attention so we can connect more fully and directly with what life is offering at any given moment. Many times, our perception of what is happening is distorted by bias, habits, fears or desires. Mindfulness helps us see through these and be much more aware of what is.  Being in mindfulness is vibrant, alive, open space where creative responses to situations have room to arise, because we are not stuck in well-worn grooves of habitual reactions.


  1. Compassion: Compassion opens us up to be more inclusive, transforming the way we view ourselves and the world. Not being so self-absorbed with a us and them attitude.  It starts with compassion for ourselves and live with kindness.

These are some of the benefits of a meditation practice.  Another concept that gets misunderstood is how the natural mind actually works.  We are never going for spacing out, going to a blissful place, or conjuring up fantasies.  We are slowing down our thoughts, becoming more aware of our sensations, our environment and our thoughts.  Our natural mind is not meant to shut down or go blank, but with awareness on our breath, an object or sound we can calm our mind down to where it can have gaps without thoughts or gaps in between our thoughts.   We can sometimes get lost and go on a journey with our thoughts and that is ok but then we want to gently return to our practice.   This is the very basic quieting, calming and noticing what is in our awareness.   There are many other methods to work with contemplation or problems.  Getting started can alter your health, attitude, mood and results.  Happy Meditating!!

There are many books, magazines, apps and websites that can help you get started today.  An app I like is Insight Timer and Tergar Website at         love…live….do…be…..#whobutu

Compiled by Linda Burden-Williams at

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